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Etrat Elahi,
Etrat holds a Master’s degree from the London School of Journalism. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degrees in philosophy & child development from the University of Tehran. She was the Editor-in-Chief for the Home Economics sections of Sepid-o-Siah and Tehran Mossavar magazines in Iran. She is a contributor to Encyclopedia Iranica, where she has done extensive research on Persian cooking and the origins of Persian dishes. She is also the co-owner of The Nutty Cookie, an online gift basket and cookie company established in 1984. She currently resides in Northern California.  
Article by Etrat Elahi  
  Ash e Saak - Rice Flour Spinach Soup
  Deser: Shir Berenj - Rice Pudding
  Polo: Shirin Polo - Rice with carrot and orange rings
  Deser: Sholeh Zard - Saffron Pudding
  Mahi Azad - Salmon
  Mirza Ghassemi - Eggplant with Garlic & Tomatoes
  Khoresht e Chagaleh Badam - Green Almond Stew
  Khoresht e Kadoo Halvai- Squash & Chicken Stew
  Ash e Bademjan - Eggplant Soup
  Must va khiar - Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup
  Ash e Khiyar - Hot Cucumber Soup
  Koofteh e Baghali - Fava Bean Koofteh
  Deser: Halva e Arde Berenj - Rice Flour Halva
  Khoresht e Baghali - Fava Beans Stew
  Ash e Anar - Pomegranate Soup
  Ash e Reshteh - Fresh Noodle Spinach Soup
  KooKoo Sabzi - Fresh Herb Frittatta
  Polo: Sabzi Polo - Herbed Rice
  Mahi Sefid - Fried White Fish (Iranian Style)
  Khoresht e Morgh e Torsh - Sour Chicken Stew
  Khoresht e Must va Morgh - Yogurt Chicken Stew
  Dolmeh e Beh - Quince Dolmeh
  Koofteh e Sabzi - Herbal Koofteh
  Ash e Adas Kadu - Mediterranean Squash Soup
  Polo: Albaloo Polo - Sour Cherry Rice with Chicken
  Kabab Moshte - Rice Flour Burger
  Khoresht e Esfenaj va Aloo - Spinach Prune Stew
  Damiye Addas - Vegetarian Lentil Pilaf
  Damiye Stanboli - Tomato Beef Pilaf
  Mahi: Ghalieh Mahi - Persian Gulf Fish Stew
  Polo: Adass Polo - Lentil, Date & Raisin Rice
  Khoresht e Bamieh - Okra Stew
  Tahchin e Morgh - Saffron Rice with Chicken
  Tahchin e Barreh - Saffron Lamb with Rice
  Mahi ba Sabzi - Stuffed Red Snapper
  Nan e Roghani- Breakfast Bread
  Khoresht e Anar Avij - Pomegranate Fresh Herbs
  Tass Kebab - Quince, Potato, Tomato & Meat
  Khoresht e Karafs - Fresh Herbs & celery Stew
  Khoresht e Ghormeh Sabzi - Mixed Herbs Stew
  Abgoosht Boz Bash - Bkack Eyed Beans Soup
  Baghala Ghatogh - Fava Beans Garlic Stew
  Polo: Baghali Polo - Fava Bean Rice
  Polo: Havij Polo - Carrot Rice
  Deser: Nan e Berenji - Rice Flour Cookies
  Koofteh e Nokhodchie - Chick Pea Koofteh
  Polo: Loubia Polo - Rice with Green Beans
  Damiye Yonjeh - Alfa Alfa Pilaf
  Damiye Gojefarangi - Tomato Pilaf
  Tahchin e Bademjan - Oven Baked Tahchin
  Sharbat-e-Sekan Jabeen (Minty summer drink)
  Sharbat-e-AAlBAAloo (Sour cherry Syrup)
  Nan e Barbari- Flat Persian Bread
  Kotlet - Meat Patties
  Polo: Gheymeh polo - orange rind beef with rice
  Desser - Shirberenje Ghalebi-Fruit Flan
  Kabab Joojeh - Broiled skewered chicken
  Kabab Hosseini - Skillet Kabob-
  Dolmeh-e-kalamCabbage - Leaf Dolmeh
  Kookoo Bademjan
  Dolmeh-ye-Badenjan ( Stuffed Eggplant )
  Deser: Halvah - Wheat Flour Halva
  Khoresht e Kangar (Cardoon Stew)
  Khoresht e Seeb ( Apple Stew )
  Khoresht e Badenjan
  Khoresht e Gheymeh
  Khoresht e Gheymeh Badenjan
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