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Mar 19, 2018
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Interviews With Pari Esfandiari
Digital bomb
The following excerpt is from an interview with Pari Esfandiari for Arte TV Channel Europe. It is a thought provoking conversation about cyber space. Conducted by the German film-maker, Hermann Vaske. The interview is part of the documentary film _Digital Bomb.

To watch the interview please click here.

Interview For International Women Day
Pari Esfandiari was interviewed by Shabnam Assadollahi of  Radio Hamseda in Canada for their special program to observe International Women’s Day. She spoke about women issues, the history of IWD and its celebration in Iran, as well as IranDokht and its significance.

To listen to the interview please click here.

Voice of America Interviews Pari Esfandiari
Behnood Mokrei from Voice of America interviews Pari Esfandiari.
To see the program please click here:
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Women in Middle East
The full-house audience listened closely to Dr. Pari Esfandiari during her "Women in Islam" presentation on October 19, 2006.
This presentation, held at the South San Francisco Main Library auditorium, was co-sponsored by the Daly City Library and the South San Francisco Public Library. Read More.

Round Table with IranDokht
Ahmad Reza Baharloo together with Pari Esfandiari discuss the activities of Iranian women in the cyber space. To see the program please click here.

Women's Voices in the Muslim World
In presenting a paper for the NCM Expo at Columbia University, Pari Esfandiari described media in Iran as very hostile towards women’s rights – "It does not just ignore the struggle of women, but also actively engages in the distortion of women's discourse and image while launching campaigns against basic women’s rights." Meanwhile, Muslim women living in western countries find themselves restricted by social, cultural and traditional mores that impede their advance into the information age... Read More

Women of Iran
As part of KPFK's program on Iranian women, Radio Intifada presenter Farah Davari spoke to Pari Esfandiari about the origins of IranDokht as well as its mission and goals. As Pari explained, "IranDokht is part of a network of online communities focused on gender and ethnicity. Using the Internet, television, radio and print media, IranDokht has created a unique blend of information, service and support for its users. We try to inform women of issues affecting them, of laws binding them, of the people leading them, and of the choices facing them."... Read More

The Internet purportedly marks the millennial world of democracy and equality, where nationality, race, class and gender differences can finally be cast aside. Yet, as Pari Esfandiari discusses in her lecture for the Pacific Southwest Women's Studies Association Conference, it seems as though white, First World men has always had the lion’s share of the global Internet pie. Will this trend continue as the millennium progresses? ... Read More

Attack on Iran Would Only Stifle Democracy
Pari Esfandiari was interviewed by Donal Brown of Pacific News Service following the Seymour Hersh article claiming that the Bush administration was undertaking covert actions in Iran. While she agrees with Bush in wanting to spread democracy to create a safer world, Pari thinks the United States is going about it the wrong way. "When we talk of imposing democracy, it is a contradiction in terms. Democracy and force do not go together. You cannot bring about changes that conflict with the means used to bring it."... Read More

Women, Equality & Islam in Iran
In an interview with Tania Atallah from Lebanon, Pari Esfandiari talks about the slow but indefatigable progress of the women’s movement in Iran. According to Pari, "In Iran we do not have a traditional women’s movement. There is a critical grassroots movement taking place amongst masses of ordinary Iranian women who may separate themselves from the feminists but, nevertheless, resent their disadvantageous position and demand equality and freedom."... Read More

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