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Jul 07, 2015
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Child Psychology
By: Dr. Niloofar Farnoody > Ask The Experts > Niloofar Farnoody
Niloofar Farnoody 's Profile
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  posted by Guest1 on: 02/22/08
Woman who hate men

Dear Niloofar:

Is there a preliminary cause for woman (Ziba N.) whom once get rejected by a man, start using sexual demeanor and put down on the man. If so how do you cure them if you are not an expert in mental profession.

PS specially a woman who calls her kid names too.

Best regards,

PS thank your mom if she has already helped me with my kid's case as she promised in Persian center.

nellyfarnoody replied:
Women Who Hate Men
Dear Friend,

Why women hate men or men hate women when rejected is a very complicated question. I could name 101 reasons for this, but to simplify it and give you some psychological insight, the most common reason is of a Personality Disorder, such as Borderline Personality Disorder. People with BPD react with more rage and hate when faced with rejection and the best way to cope with this in a relationship is to set clear boundaries with that person. Remember you choose to be in that relationship in the first place. You could benefit from doing a little research in this area, and reading a couple of books on anger management and Personality Disorders.

Niloofar Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D.
  posted by admin on: 02/10/08
Baby Cyrus & Baby Camellia

Dear Friends,

I like to thank each and every one of you for your kind phone calls,

baby cards, and e-mails. Baby Cyrus & Baby Camellia are doing well and are now 3 1/2 months old, growing and exploring their World!

We love seeing their tiny fingers and tiny toes, we love their bright baby eyes, and their cute baby nose...We love listening to their baby gurgles and baby sighs, and we thank God for honoring us to be parents to Camellia and Cyrus, everyday!

With Love,
Nelly & Arjang Zahiri

nahid replied:
Niloofar Khanoom,

Your babies are beautiful.
Enjoy motherhood.

Whenever I hear your name I remember this song: ay dokhtar ziba niloofar ...

Blessing to you and Arjang,
  posted by admin on: 12/13/07
Dear friends,

My apology for not being able to respond to your questions. Currently, I am in maternity leave. I would happily attend your questions, as soon as I return.
Warm regards,
Niloofar Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D

  posted by aftaab1 on: 12/13/07
Violence and Bullying in Schools & Day Cares

Dear Dr. Farnoodi

I have a 23 Months old daughter (Very gentle, bright and extremely verbal but still rather passive with other kids) and am considering putting her in day care for 2-3 days/week in next 3-6 months. I am very concerned about the bullying and aggressive behaviors I hear about & observe in schools and daycares and appreciate your insights.
My questions
1. Where is the boundary b/w "normal" childhood bantering and aggressive bullying? what signs should one watch for?
2. What should parents do to protect their children against bullying and aggression at such age? It doesnt seem right to teach my 2 year old child to "hit back" when another child hits or pushes her but at same time it is not right for her to just grin and take it
3. At what point is the parent being over-protective? When should the parent let kids be kids and at what point should one interfere?
4. Any tips on how I can encourage my child to be more assertive when dealing with other kids & not give up so easily? Is this only a matter of time before she BECOMES more assertive developmentally?

Appreciate your insights

  posted by azadehatyabi on: 11/14/07
my son

Dear Dr. Farnoodi

I have a five and half years old son who has just started the kindergarden. He is resisting a lot to do his homework and his teacher has a hard time with him at school too. Whenever he started to do the homework he is making lots of unnecessary acts not to follow the instruction. He has smashed his crayons at school a few times. I was concerned with ADD but he can do it whenever he choose to do it. I am really struggling to get him to do the homework. He can not identify the number (1-10) completely. I sometimes wondering if he really can not do it or just resisting. He was doing the same behavior at pre-school too. He was not into accademic activities from beginning. He is very smart and intelligent.
Can you please help me what to do.
many thanks

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