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Jan 28, 2015
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Child Adoption
By: Mahdokht Sanati > Ask The Experts > Mahdokht Sanati
Mahdokht Sanati 's Profile
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  posted by Ghazaleh on: 12/20/04
Dear Dr. Sanati

I have a question. I am an Iranian citizen living in the US and my husband is an American. We want to adopt a baby hopefully from Iran. Are we eligibale considering my husband's nationality?

  posted by alaleh on: 11/25/04
Adopt an infant

Dear Mahdokht Sanati

I am hoping that you can help me in my decision .I am 23 years old married and I have a 4 month old baby boy I am very happy with my life. I married my love off my life when I was 19 years old I graduate from Azad University in Tehran from translating English to Farsi and I live in Canada right now. My husband is taking his PHD in petroleum engineering here.

My husband and I always think about adopting a child, my husband has this theory that if you want to have a child why bring one in this world while there is millions of children waiting for adoption and since I have a 4 month old baby I am looking for an infant to adopt so I can breath feed him or her so he or she can be my child (you probably know if I feed him for certain time he can be my rezae child).

I know it is difficult to find an infant and I know there is no agency in Iran and it is a long process that’s why I am starting to look for an infant now.

I want to know your idea about my decision and how can I find an infant I am even willing to move to Iran for a certain time to complete the process.

Thank you for your time


  posted by sholejoon on: 10/10/04
Child Adoption requirements from U.S. for Iranian Child

I am trying to find out the requirements needed for obtaining a visa for an adopted child in Iran. I was wondering if you knew the requirements needed to bring an adopted child from Iran to the United States ( ie. visa, etc. ). If you could please help me with this and send me an e-mail as soon as possible I would appreciate it. Thank you.


admin replied:
Dear Mom to Be,
To adopt a child from anywhere you have to open a file and request for adoption with IRS. ( all the inf. is in our web site) U.S. Gov. is very helpful and will give you a tax exempt as well as some founds.
After your request is processed, You will receive the visa for the child to enter the U.S.
Please chek Irandokht web sit for more detailed info.
  posted by admin on: 09/13/04
Adopting a Child

ba aarze slammhaye farawan
khedmate khnoome dr. sanati,
omidwaram, ke hanooz ham in adresse e-mail shoma dorost bashad, wa omidwaram ke shoma betoonid be man komak bokonid.
Man senam 41 saal ast wa moghime alman hastam,az 23 salegim dar alman zendegi mikonam, be ghoole maaroof ba shoharam (33 saalash ast) zendegiye khoobi ra ham migozaranim. Mootesefaneh bache nadarim wa in ham aameli ast ke man baraye shoma mail miferestam. Man wa shoharam az tehe ghalbemoon mikhahim ke yek bache az iran adoption konim, ama motessefaneh hich agahi nadarim ke aya in kar dar iran az tarafe ma ham amali ast ya na, dar ssani, kasi ra ham dar in rah nemishenasim ke betawanad be ma komak konad, baraye hamin tamae omide man be in ast, ke shoma betawanid be ma komak konid. Dar alman be andazeye kafi "agency"
woojood dareh ke be adam baraye adopt a child az keshwarhaye mokhtalef komak mikonanad , wali badbakhaneh baraye Iran hich agency woojood nadareh, baraye hamin khoode adam bayad donbalash ra begirad.
Khanoome Sanati, aya man wa shoharam in emkan ra dar iran darim, ke ghanoonan wa rasman yek bacheye beyne 0 ta 3 saal ra adopt bokonim. CHe sharayeti ra bayad dara bashim. Man shoharam irani nist balke almani ast, walie be dine eslam bargashteh baraye hamin ezdewaje ma ham mashroo' wa ghanooni ast.
Man az shoma kheyli kheyli mamnoon misham ke betoonid be ma komak konid, ma az khoda tanha arezzoyi ke darim in ast ke betoonim in zengi ra ke darim be yek bacheyi ke dar zendegi az in emkan mahroom shodeh, bedahim, wa agar in bache az watane man bashad, mitawanim dar zabane madarish in emkan ra behesh bedahim, zendegi behtari dar pish dashte bashad.
Ba tashokorhaye farawan az shome
mowafagh bashid
Shohreh K az alman

  posted by Andy on: 08/14/04
My Wife's Sisters

I have recently married a girl in Iran who lost her parents 2 years ago in a car accident. She also has 2 younger sisters (both under 15). I am a Canadian citizen and am trying to bring my wife along with her 2 sisters to Canada. Unfortunately under the Canadian immigration laws, the 2 sisters are not classified as 'family members' and therefore I can not sponsor them. The only available option for me is to either have my wife (the eldest sister) to adopt the 2 younger sisters (all live in Iran) or for myself to adopt the 2 younger sisters and then bring them all together. The issues is that I can not separate my wife from her 2 sisters. After all, she is their legal guardian and their 'Mom'.

I am hoping you can provide me some legal or further information. As mentioned, I need some more information on the processes of adopting a child in Iran.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

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