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Jul 02, 2015
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Child Adoption
By: Mahdokht Sanati > Ask The Experts > Mahdokht Sanati
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  posted by Andy on: 08/14/04
My Wife's Sisters

I have recently married a girl in Iran who lost her parents 2 years ago in a car accident. She also has 2 younger sisters (both under 15). I am a Canadian citizen and am trying to bring my wife along with her 2 sisters to Canada. Unfortunately under the Canadian immigration laws, the 2 sisters are not classified as 'family members' and therefore I can not sponsor them. The only available option for me is to either have my wife (the eldest sister) to adopt the 2 younger sisters (all live in Iran) or for myself to adopt the 2 younger sisters and then bring them all together. The issues is that I can not separate my wife from her 2 sisters. After all, she is their legal guardian and their 'Mom'.

I am hoping you can provide me some legal or further information. As mentioned, I need some more information on the processes of adopting a child in Iran.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

admin replied:
Your wife's sisters
Dear Andy,
Thank you for your email. As you mentioned this is a legal issue and beyond my expertise. However, I would do my best to point out the direction.

To my knowledge the eldest sister is in fact the guardian. She may well be able to take her two sisters with her. I suggest that your wife approach the MOSHAVERAN-E HOGHOGHI in ANJOMAN HEMAYAT AZ HOGHOOGH-E KOODAKAN. Ms Ebadi is the chair person. There are also other lawyers there who are willing to give free advice.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you contact Iranian Embassy in Canada and seek their advice.

Here is info for Anjoman
Phone No: 8735591-2
Address: Apadana Ave, Nobakht St,
10 street, no 26
There is also SEDAYE YARA: 8501414 -5

Wishing you all the best,
Mahdokht Sanati
  posted by salama on: 08/07/04
Could Americans adopt a child from Iran?

Being that IM an American woman and would like to adopt a child from that part of the world, how hard would it be for me? I believe that all things are possible and that anything could happen. I know that there are children here, but I felt lead to adopt from the middle-east. I have lots of love and I know I could offer a lot. I know it my spirit that it will happen through God's mercy and grace. Can you give me some leads on what country would be a little more open to an American adopting? Thanks for your reply:

admin replied:
American Adopting Iranian Child
It is true; every thing is possible in Iran provided you have good connection with government source and plenty of patience.

Currently, law they prevents adoption of a Muslim born child by a none Muslim parent.

Furthermore, to be parents must not have a biological child or another adopted child.

Iranian Children's Right Society is trying to change the adoption laws. How long it will take, I have no idea.

About adopting a child from that region of the world.
I am unfamiliar with their laws. However, if you surf the web, you will find plenty of information specially on adopting East European and Russian children.

I wish you Good Luck
  posted by nanemammad on: 08/29/02
my little son

hello,dr mahdokht
man yek pesare koochake 6 mahe daram ke be tazegi ghaza dadane oo ra shorooe kardeam ,amma moshkele man inast ke nemidanam aya bayad baraye taghziyeye oo az che raveshi estefade konam ?aya an chizhayee ke be tor sonnati baraye in kar dar nazar gerefte mishod va madarhaye ma ba an ma ra bozorg kardand kafist ya bayad anha ra kenar gozasht va tanha be tosiye pezeshke motekhasses amal kard ?
ba tashakkor s.e

admin replied:
Feeding your Baby
Dear nanemammad,

Thank you for your message, and I do appologize for delay in responding.

سئوال شما خارج ازاین بخش است. ولی من سعی میکنم جواب آنرا به بهترین وجه ممکن بدهم. نمیدانم منظور شما از غذای سنتی چیست و طبیعتا نظر پزشک متخصص بسیار حائز اهمیت است به خصوص اگر کودک شما ناراحتی خاصی داشته باشد. ولی بطور کلی من غذای تازه در خانه پخته شده و پوره شده و آب میوه را ا به غذای از قوطیدر آمده و از بازار خریده شده ترجیح میدهم چون شما میتوانید کیفیت و تازهگی غذای خانگی را تضمین کنید.
هر غذائی را در آغاز به مقدار کم (یک قاشق چایخوری) به بچه بدهید اگربه بچه ساخت مقدار آنرا زیاد کنید. اول با آب میوه و پوره خیلی رقیق شروع
کنید. نوع غذارا بهتر است بانظر دکترکودکتانانتخاب کنید
موفق باشید
مهدخت صنعتی.
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