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Dec 21, 2014

Latest News
  Iranian Women · Iran · Women
Women in Coffee Shops
Police Chief Khalil Helali told reporters on Sunday that women are prohibite...  Read more

Dress to Impress
Afghans live in one of the world's poorest countries — but you wouldn't kn...  Read more

Iranian Women's Monthly
A newly launched women's monthly run by a prominent female editor has irked ...  Read more
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Saudi-Iran Meeting
Rohani lauds government’s performance
The US between the near and far East
Merkel: Islamic State is a threat
Religious cleansing in Mideast
Iran's real 'nuclear' revolution
War Crime Charge
Watching the World Cup
Amnesty slams US over civilian deaths
The Middle East's Unfinished Wars
Inside an Afghan women's prison
Afghan women drivers
Football: Japan, Iran partnership
Women as mobile gamers
Women struggle for small-business loans
Saudi: Blames 'Flirtatious' women
Loading movie...
Simin Behbahani
departs at age 87.
Coffee Shops
controversy over women working in coffee shops.
speaks volumes in Iran.
Premier Persian Sculptor
how much exposure is too much?
صادق هدایت
و برتری نژادی
Things We Shouldn't Say!
an art, a science & a sport.
In focus
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  Hot Off The Press
  Culture · History · Parenting · Poetry
In my recent trip to Los Angeles, I attended Dr. Fariba Rofougaran’s book signing. The evening rapidly turned to a fun personality typology test that captured the crowd’s imagination. I had an opportunity to have a one to one opportunity to have ... Read more
Digital Bomb

The following excerpt is from an interview with Pari Esfandiari for Arte TV Channel Europe. It is a thought provoking conversation about cyber space. Conducted by the German film-maker, Hermann Vaske. The interview is part of the documentary film _Di... Read more
  Hot Debate  
    Hijab - حجاب

How much exposure is too much?
As the debate over the Muslim hijab, or head scarf, grows with its visibility, wearers defend it as a emblem of identity. Others despise it as a sign of oppression and an obstacle to women's progress. The crucial issue remains, whether this female choice of outfit should be personal, or should boundries be set by: family, society, or government? IranDokht invites you to participate in this timely debate.
Read More
   Child Adoption - Mahdokht Sanati

Siamo già una famiglia di quattro persone, con un figlio e una figlia. Sono mol... Read more

Child Psychology - Dr. Niloofar Farnoody
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Brand name clothes at affordable price!
تغذیه هورمونی و طب ورزشی
The Wisdom of Relaxation
کتاب فارسی
Old classic records
  Laugh Out Loud
Laugh Out Loud خنده
يه مرده به زنش ميگه اسم چهار تا حيوونوبگو كه اولش خ باشه زنه ميگه :خودت. خواهرت. خير نديده مادرت. خدا بيامورزپدرت.
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 Current Thoughts
  Painting · Current Affairs · Mom-to-Be · Hot Gossip
November Horoscope
Your Essential Element is “Earth”

The powerful Scorpio is known for intensity and passion. They're perceptive and focused, but beware of those qualities...
Read more

Pejman Akbarzadeh

Persian (Iranian) people in the English-speaking countries are the only community who use t...
Read more
Iranian Schindler who Saved Jews from Nazis

By Brian Wheeler

The story below was originally published by the Read more

  Community Corners
Cultural Chit-Chat سه هزار سال میرا
افغانستان یکی از کانون‌های اصلی فرهنگ خاورزمین بوده استنمایشگاه "گنج‌های نجات‌یافته" در شهر بن به یاد می‌آورد که افغانست...Read more
Something to Think About greetings
greetings ...Read more
Community News Showdown with Iran on PBS
The program includes five interviews with: Abtahi, Richard Armitage, Mohammad Jafari, Hamid Reza Hji Babaei, and Hossein Shar...Read more
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similarity of gilaki dresses with some slavic dresses

Just for fun , if you
google for traditional
belarusian dress you see
this link
  men's shoes

When it involves choosing
public toilet shoes,
several of them don't
knowledge to pick the<...
  Obat Herbal

okidoki banaget nih
infonya,,thks banget
gan.. href="
O">Obat A...
  Persian Cooking
  By: Etrat Elahi
Chef's Choice Kabab Hosseini - Skillet Kabob
کباب حسینی
Makes 5 Servings

1 cup plain yogurt
¼ cup lemon juice
Read more
  Latest Health News
  Health News     Health Articles
Breast Cancer News
Ovarian cancer
Window into working brain
The Campaign Against Women
   Support Groups    Networking    Job Market
Would you mentor an ambitious co
I just joined college in north california but it is first time I am leaving home and a loving family behind. I am very ambitious, intelligent and want to reach high. But am anxious and do not know w...Read more
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Closed Curtain

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Googoosh for LGBT Rights

Persian Cards - order now

پرنده های مهاجر

  Mind & Body · Work
Simin Behbahani
نمایشگاه رخساره کريمي
Nobel prize Hypocrisy?
ایران در خون و آتش
October Horoscope
کودکان گل فروش
The Stem Cell Fatwa
Vanished Persian army said found in desert
همبستگی با جنبش سبز ایران
Paris 25 July
Supporting Green Movement
United for Iran demonstrations around the world
آرای ایرانیان خارج از کشور
Iran on Dateline
Read more articles
  Recent Articles
  Fashion · خورشید میدرخشد · Identity · Charity Work
Poor Academic Achievement or Depression?
Sara is 16 years of age. She presents as a good-looking, friendly and likable individual with a touch of shyness. Her teacher complains that she is doing poorly in reading and mathematics. Her parents state that Sara is a very intelligent young lady... Read more

The 15 Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Step aside, guys. Women are moving up the payroll. According to a March “Women at Work” report by the Bureau of Lab... Read more
Silicon Valley Builds Bridge to Iran
About a year ago, I met an entrepreneur from Iran at a conference, and he told me about the momentum in Iran's high-tech... Read more
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